After releasing Phase 1 of the Texas Home Learning Model in mid-April, which provides eight weeks of learning plans/instructional materials for all grades for continued instruction of students while schools are closed for the remainder of the 2019-20 school year, TEA has now released an overview of Phase 2 for summer learning instruction.

TEA is continuing to develop additional phases of the Texas Home Learning Model. The third phase (2020-21 school year) will launch a new school year in situations where home learning is continued into the fall, including preparations for the start of school year (or at any point during school year) to follow full-year scope and sequence for an indefinite timeline. 

Districts have the option to use Phase 2 to engage students in summer learning and help mitigate learning loss from COVID-19 disruptions.

Districts may decide to provide resources without structured summer school. Additionally, summer school expectations must be feasible for parents and families to implement.

According to TEA, Phase 2 was designed for a light touch by teachers and simple implementation for parents, making it an easy plug-and-play resource for support during the summer. Phase 2 includes the following:

  • Learning plans and schedules shortened to four weeks, organized by subject, and simplified for parents
    • Scope & sequence designed for four-week summer program with additional content available for extension or longer schedules
    • Learning schedules organized by subject area for district prioritization of summer learning goals
    • Instructions simplified to allow for quick start by parents
    • Select answer keys available to district personnel for quick student progress monitoring (TEA currently evaluating availability)
    • Several sample schedule options for districts to choose when planning and launching summer learning
  • Sample schedules provided for districts to choose daily or weekly plans for summer learning opportunities.
  • Learning packets organized by content area for district customization of areas of focus for summer learning
  • Packets posted in edit-friendly formats and guidance provided to districts for packet customization
  • Matrix of special education supports within specific online curriculum programs in Texas Home Learning

Additionally, based on the experience with Phase 1, TEA is providing improved ELAR options for districts and students consisting of curated ELAR information and options to assist districts in review and adoption of high quality ELAR materials:

  • Anchor texts and text sets available from a curated and organized vendor list for deeper ELAR engagement and access to TEA-negotiated prices and services.
  • Phonics instruction packages for early learners available from a curated and organized vendor list with access to TEA-negotiated prices and services.

Timelines to implement Phase 2:

  • May 4-18: Print and ship packet preorders available
  • May 18: Suggested packet order date for 6/8 start
  • Families receive packets 4-7 days after district submits order
  • June 8 and beyond: Students begin THL summer model