COVID-19 has made 2020 even more challenging for graduating and rising seniors by negatively impacting college readiness. The ACT, SAT and the Texas Success Initiative Assessment (TSIA) were not available this spring. In addition, students may not have finished college prep courses given the limited ability to deliver remote instruction. Students also have experienced changing college requirements.

In response, TEA is providing the Texas College Bridge as an alternative to support students and achieve district college, career and military readiness (CCMR). TEA is covering the costs of the online college prep courses and teacher training. The Texas College Bridge makes available an option to support students through a self-paced online college readiness curriculum that is competency based and aligned to ACT, SAT and TSI benchmarks. It is applicable beyond 2020, free to students and provides them with online student advising and resources. Texas College Bridge improves district A-F accountability ratings for 2020-21 (and beyond), is free for districts and demonstrates college readiness for school districts and institutions of higher education that sign a memorandum of understanding. TEA is working to allow data reporting for this year's graduates who demonstrate college readiness through this college prep class through Aug. 31.

Texas College Bridge for Summer 2020 to Summer 2021:

  • Summer 2020 Phase 1: Graduating/rising seniors who have not demonstrated CCMR measure (ACT, SAT, TSIA, College Prep course etc.)
  • Fall and Spring 2020-2021 Phase 2: Seniors who are taking HB 5 College Prep Courses
  • Summer 2021 Phase 3: Graduating/rising seniors who have not demonstrated a CCMR measure (ACT, SAT, TSIA, College Prep course etc.)

Districts may visit for detailed information & complete the Texas College Bridge participant application.