Dohn Larson, TCTA's director of legal services, reviews the laws regarding resignations and debunks several myths in our six-part video series. TCTA continues to urge the commissioner to issue guidance related to the circumstances under which an educator has good cause to abandon their contract so that teachers will be allowed to resign from their contracts if appropriate to avoid exposure to COVID-19.

Part 1: The Summer Resignation Deadline

In Part 1, Dohn Larson discusses the summer resignation deadline. Educators who submit a letter of resignation on or before the 45th day before the first day of student instruction can resign without consent and without risk of sanctions to their teaching credentials.

Part 2: Resigning after the summer deadline

In Part 2, Dohn Larson explains what happens if an educator wants to resign after the summer resignation deadline, as in 44 days or fewer before the start of instruction or during the school year.

Part 3: Consent after the deadline

In Part 3, Dohn Larson discusses who can give consent for a resignation after the summer deadline.

Part 4: Reports to TEA/SBEC, sanctions

In Part 4, Dohn Larson discusses the deadline for a district to report an educator who resigns to TEA/SBEC, the agency’s general steps, and sanctions on credentials.

Part 5: Good cause for resignation

In Part 5, Dohn Larson discusses what constitutes good cause for resigning after the summer deadline.

Part 6: Mitigation

In Part 6, Dohn Larson discusses mitigation rules adopted by SBEC that identify factors SBEC may consider in determining whether to impose sanctions if an educator resigns after the summer deadline without consent and without good cause.