Number 10: You need a true teacher association.

TCTA was founded in 1927 by teachers who wanted an organization of their own. Our members are teachers, aides, counselors, librarians, and other professionals who work directly with students. No administrators are allowed.

Number 9: You shouldn’t share your association with your administrator.

With TCTA you never have to worry that your administrator is calling your organization for legal advice, or that your dues are being used to lobby against your interests.

Number 8: Teachers need a safety net.

No educator should be in the classroom in this unpredictable school year without the protection of professional liability insurance. Backed by Nationwide, TCTA members are covered by the most comprehensive policy available to Texas teachers.

Number 7: We’re Texas only!

We’re not affiliated with a national union, and you won’t pay hundreds of dollars in extra dues to a national organization. TCTA retains a top lobby firm in DC to work on federal issues.

Number 6: This is not the time to go it alone.

In these uncertain times, having a professional ally and advocate in your corner is more important than ever.

Number 5: TCTA is a full-service organization.

Our publications win awards and are used by many teacher preparation programs as curriculum. We are fully focused on providing you with reliable information and assistance.

Number 4: Our advocacy efforts are unmatched.

The top-ranked TCTA lobby team has an impressive list of accomplishments each session. We are nonpartisan, and we represent you with professionalism and integrity.

Number 3: You need easy access to experienced attorneys.

We have more staff attorneys per member than any other teacher association in Texas, and we never use non-lawyer “representatives” to handle our members’ legal issues.

Number 2: Our legal team has earned respect.

TCTA’s eight staff attorneys average more than 25 years of experience supporting and protecting teachers, and three have served as chair of the school law section of the state bar of Texas.

Number 1: We can’t help if you’re not a member.

TCTA’s legal services are only available to those who are members before a situation arises. That’s why it’s so important to join now.

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