TRS-Care bill on the move

Despite an apparent setback in the Senate, the bill to prevent TRS-Care insolvency has taken its first step in the House. HB 3976 by Rep. Trent Ashby was heard in the House Appropriations Committee Monday afternoon and appeared to be favorably received by committee members. UPDATE: The bill was voted out of committee Tuesday.

Coming up next week


The House Appropriations Committee will hear HB 3976, the House's answer to the TRS-Care funding shortfall. The bill is similar to SB 788 but the House's higher level of funding reduces the projected deductible and premiums.

TRS-Care fix up in the air

SB 788, the bill addressing TRS-Care issues that recently passed out of the Senate State Affairs Committee, had been included on the Senate Intent Calendar for consideration by the full Senate earlier in the week, but was removed as of Wednesday.

Committees have full agendas during Tuesday hearings

Both the House and Senate education committees met Tuesday. The dozens of topics addressed ranged from continuation of the use of individual graduation committees to requirements regarding student health and safety, and included two TCTA-promoted bills.

Ed Quality subcommittee holds last hearing

The Educator Quality Subcommittee of the House Public Education Committee heard a number of bills Monday afternoon, many relating to teacher training and preparation requirements. TCTA testified on several of the bills.

TCTA testifies on bill that would let districts opt out of ActiveCare

TCTA testified on HB 1998 in the House Pensions Committee Monday, expressing concerns about provisions of the bill while acknowledging that some districts might benefit.

Coming up next week

The TRS-Care bill and TCTA-promoted legislation are among the bills likely to come up on the Senate floor next week.

House passes budget

The Texas House passed its version of the state budget in the early hours of Friday morning after more than 15 hours of debate. The final vote was 131-16.

House votes to prohibit voucher spending

Around noon on Thursday, the Texas House was in the early hours of a potentially late-into-the-night debate on over 400 amendments to SB 1, the state budget bill. One of the early amendments was a prohibition on expenditures of state funds on vouchers by Rep. Abel Herrero (D-Robstown).

House Public Ed votes out accountability bill

The House Public Education Committee voted out HB 22 by Chair Huberty on Tuesday. The bill includes a number of changes to the state’s accountability system, most notably delaying implementation of A-F ratings until the 2019-20 school year.