House Appropriations considers teacher benefit bills

The House Appropriations Committee met Tuesday to hear several pro-teacher bills. One would provide a $1,000 teacher pay raise funded by a draw from the Rainy Day Fund; others would tap the fund (projected to be in excess of $11 billion) for TRS-Care assistance.

Senate gives (bonuses, TRS-Care funding); takes away (payroll deduction)

The Texas Senate passed SB 19 Tuesday, a bill that provides longevity bonuses for teachers and additional funding for TRS-Care. A more controversial provision that required salary increases but did not have specified funding included, leading to concerns that districts would have to reallocate scarce local funding to provide the raises, was removed from the bill.

Senate committees hear salary/TRS and payroll deduction bills

On Saturday the Senate Finance Committee heard SB 19, a salary proposal that also includes longevity bonuses and additional funding for TRS-Care. Sunday, Senate Business & Commerce heard SB 7, which prohibits payroll deduction of association dues; and Senate Education considered bills to provide funding for teacher salaries.

House committee sets Tuesday hearing for pay raises, TRS-Care, and more

The House Appropriations Committee scheduled a hearing for Tuesday, July 25, that includes a key Sunset bill and a number of bills important to teachers, including pay raises and additional funding for TRS-Care.

Senate Ed considers voucher bill

TCTA submitted testimony Friday in opposition to SB 2, the tax credit/voucher legislation that will allow businesses to receive a credit against state taxes for contributions they make to an "educational assistance organization." The organization will then use the contributions to provide funding for students with special needs to attend private schools.

Texas teachers rally at the Capitol

Hundreds of teachers and public education supporters braved the heat July 17 to attend a rally organized by Texans for Public Education and sponsored by many teacher groups, including TCTA.

TCTA Structure: 

Education hearings throughout the weekend in Senate

The education-related proposals included on the special session agenda have been scheduled for hearings this weekend in several Senate Committees.

Governor includes TRS-Care in expanded session agenda; new bill includes salaries and TRS-Care

As expected, shortly after the Senate passed the Sunset legislation in the wee hours of Thursday morning, Gov. Greg Abbott released the official proclamation expanding the issues that can be considered in the special session. Unlike the previous version, though, the proclamation specifically mentions TRS-Care.

Education hearings to start Friday (vouchers, school finance commission)

Senate Education Committee Chair gave colleagues a heads-up that he was planning to schedule a hearing for Friday morning (July 21) on the voucher and school finance commission bills.

Teacher pay, TRS-Care bills filed

Tuesday's bill filings include two major bills for teachers. HB 198 includes what is believed to be the governor's plan for a teacher pay raise, and HB 20 provides new funding to TRS-Care to help lower premiums and deductibles for the next two years.