Senate Ed considers revised version of accountability system changes

As the legislative session nears an end, whether the Legislature will do anything to significantly revise the A-F accountability system is still unclear. Although the House passed its version of a revision to the A-F accountability system, HB 22, weeks ago, the Senate only recently took up consideration of the House bill in committee.

Patrick says special session can be avoided by House action on bathrooms, property taxes

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick held a press conference Wednesday morning in response to a letter from House Speaker Joe Straus that was provided to the media on Tuesday. Straus had maintained that the legislature only needed to pass a state budget bill and a bill ensuring the continuation of several state agencies (a "Sunset safety" bill) in order to avoid the need for a special session.

Payroll deduction prohibition on the move?

After several weeks of inaction in the House, SB 13 may be on the move again. After passing the Senate, the bill that prohibits payroll deduction of association dues for many public employees, including teachers, sat in limbo in the House, not referred to a committee (a necessary step before a bill can receive a committee hearing).

Senate committee adds maintenance drug assistance to TRS-Care bill

Monday morning, the Senate State Affairs Committee heard HB 3976, the House bill restructuring TRS-Care into two separate plans for age 65+ and pre-65 retirees.

Coming up next week

Attention in the House and Senate will now turn to the other chamber’s bills. For all practical purposes (although Senate deadlines are not as firm as those in the House) a bill that has not passed the first chamber by now is dead unless it can be attached to other legislation.

“Freedom Caucus” kills entire Local & Consent Calendar Friday

The final House Local and Consent Calendar – so named because it consists of bills that are either limited to a specific area or passed through the committee process with no known opposition – was withdrawn through a parliamentary procedure Friday morning. The calendar included a TCTA bill that would have required more transparency for Districts of Innovation.

House slowdown kills bills, raising new concerns about special session

A long list of House bills died Thursday when the clock struck midnight long before the House was able to get through its 21-page calendar. Among the casualties was a “Sunset safety bill” that doesn’t directly involve education issues but could have a serious impact on the session.

Special education voucher proposal added to school finance bill in Senate

As the Senate Education Committee took up HB 21 Thursday morning, the school finance reform bill (some version of which must pass if the more than $1.5 billion in new funding authorized by the House is to be distributed), Chair Larry Taylor added a limited voucher proposal in the form of education savings accounts for special needs students.

Education bills moving out of the Senate

The Senate has relatively few deadlines, but bills need to be moving out of that chamber in order to meet House deadlines – the last day for a Senate bill to get through a House committee and be considered on the House floor is May 23. Here are some of the education bills that have passed the Senate recently:

House bills recently passed

The legislative session ends May 29, and key deadlines are now in play. The last day for the House to take up House bills on the general calendar is Thursday, May 11, and that chamber’s calendars get longer each day. Here are some of the education-related bills that have passed the House in recent days: