Employee/mom disciplined for son's actions


A student attended school at the same school where his mother worked as secretary to the principal. The student used his mother’s school computer to send an email to a computer technician at the district, requesting help running two batch files and asking whether the technician had ever heard of a “denial of service” attack. Shortly thereafter, the district began experiencing network problems. The computer belonging to the student’s mother was removed from the network and the problem was resolved.

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Education dollars may be settled, but much work remains

If you’ve read TCTA’s daily updates, or for that matter picked up a newspaper this week, you know that most of the talk and action at the Texas Capitol is centered on “will they or won’t they” budget speculation.

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Bad bills resurface as amendments to fiscal matters bills

9:00 p.m.

Wednesday's calendar includes consideration of major legislation that is an essential part of House/Senate budget negotiations. As characterized by several legislative leaders, the proposals are must-pass bills if a special session is to be avoided.

TCTA thanks you for a job well done - HB 400 dies in the House

12:00 a.m.

The House clock struck midnight Thursday, signaling the end of HB 400. Thursday was the deadline for House bills to be considered in the House, and after several delays HB 400 was scheduled for action on Thursday but was never brought up for consideration.