Reliable sources tell us...

2:00 p.m.

...that a deal has been reached on school finance. And other, equally reliable sources tell us there's no deal, and there probably won't be.

Employee/mom disciplined for son's actions


A student attended school at the same school where his mother worked as secretary to the principal. The student used his mother’s school computer to send an email to a computer technician at the district, requesting help running two batch files and asking whether the technician had ever heard of a “denial of service” attack. Shortly thereafter, the district began experiencing network problems. The computer belonging to the student’s mother was removed from the network and the problem was resolved.

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Education dollars may be settled, but much work remains

If you’ve read TCTA’s daily updates, or for that matter picked up a newspaper this week, you know that most of the talk and action at the Texas Capitol is centered on “will they or won’t they” budget speculation.

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