Is this reassignment a demotion?


A high school librarian was reassigned to an elementary school librarian position.  She filed a grievance with the district, claiming that the reassignment amounted to a demotion. Her contract, both at the high school and in her new assignment at the elementary school, was for the position of librarian for 207 days and for a term of three years. In support of her argument that she had been demoted, she pointed to the fact that her replacement at the high school was given a 226 day contract.

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TRS roundup - so far

10:00 p.m.

As the final month of this legislative session begins, some TRS-related proposals are moving. The following have at least passed out of committee and have a chance of becoming law:

SB 4 passes Senate


In an unexpected development, the Texas Senate passed SB 4 by a vote of 28-3 on Thursday, April 28. TCTA has consistently been opposed to SB 4, but was working with the staff of the Senate sponsor, Senator Florence Shapiro, to improve the bill. Although Senator Shapiro introduced a floor amendment, it did not address some of the major concerns we had about the bill. As the bill moves to the House, TCTA will continue to work to ensure an acceptable outcome.

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