House rejects payroll deduction amendment to school finance commission bill

A bill to create a school finance commission to study the state's system of funding public schools became a "Christmas tree" for a variety of legislators' pet causes, with several amendments adding topics to the subjects that are to be studied by the commission. The bill passed on an initial vote of 142-2.

TRS-Care bill on House floor Tuesday

SB 19, the bill providing funding to TRS-Care to help retirees with insurance costs, has been scheduled for House floor consideration for Tuesday. The Senate version of the bill also included proposals regarding teacher salaries and longevity bonuses, but the House substitute only addresses the $212 million for TRS-Care.

Education proposals still up in the air

There were several education-related developments over the weekend, but no resolution on some of the main issues that teachers are watching.

House and Senate plan weekend work as session's end nears

The House and Senate are both expected to consider major parts of Gov. Greg Abbott's agenda on Saturday, including a school finance plan in the Senate. (The Saturday calendar was not yet official when this update was posted.) The House calendar includes property tax reform legislation and a bill relating to do not resuscitate (DNR) orders.

Senate Education Committee considers school funding bill

The Senate Education Committee held a Friday morning hearing on HB 21, the House’s school finance bill. The House version provides more than $1.8 billion in new funding for public schools, but the Senate substitute will remove most of that, providing additional funding of $331 million.

Status update on TRS-Care, teacher salary proposals

After a flurry of activity at the beginning of the special session, action on bills that would provide financial relief to teachers and retirees are in a holding pattern. Next Wednesday, Aug. 16, is the last possible day of the special session.

House Pub Ed votes out bills including new ASATR aid attempt, salary study

The House Public Education Committee held a formal hearing Wednesday to vote out three bills, including a bill to help certain districts losing state funding and legislation addressing teacher salaries. 

House Public Ed hears bills not on governor’s agenda

The House Public Education Committee met Tuesday to hear several bills, many of which do not fall into the categories laid out by the governor as the agenda for this special session. Chair Dan Huberty acknowledged that while they may not be the governor’s priorities, many of these bills represented issues that the committee/House considered important.

House Appropriations hears bills to revise Rainy Day Fund

The Senate gaveled in to debate and pass a single Sunset-related bill, then adjourned until Thursday. Meanwhile, the House continues work on legislation both on and off of the governor's priority agenda.

Coming up next week

Monday morning, the House Appropriations Committee will hear several bills to move certain excess funding that would otherwise go into the Rainy Day Fund into school funding or TRS.