House in disarray on Saturday

2:15 p.m.

After leaving HB 400 as unfinished business when the House adjourned Friday night, Speaker Joe Straus sustained the point of order on the bill Saturday morning, sending the bill back to the Calendars Committee to correct the error that has temporarily stopped its progress.

HB 400 fate in limbo after point of order called

11:30 p.m.

A point of order was called during the debate on HB 400, and Speaker Joe Straus will "take the point of order under advisement tonight" - in other words, he does not intend to provide a ruling until the House reconvenes on Saturday. Stay tuned....

Is this reassignment a demotion?


A high school librarian was reassigned to an elementary school librarian position.  She filed a grievance with the district, claiming that the reassignment amounted to a demotion. Her contract, both at the high school and in her new assignment at the elementary school, was for the position of librarian for 207 days and for a term of three years. In support of her argument that she had been demoted, she pointed to the fact that her replacement at the high school was given a 226 day contract.

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