Cost-cutting options

School districts across the state are working on budgets and many have begun compiling potential areas for budget cuts. While we can't provide a comprehensive list of what's on the table across the state, and the issues and options will vary from district to district, we thought the Round Rock and Ft. Worth ISDs have done a good job of laying out the options under consideration in their budgets. The Round Rock survey, in particular, provides a useful interactive worksheet that lets stakeholders select from a number of options and total the results.

TCTA Structure: 

Senate subcommittee discusses teacher benefits/protections

7:00 p.m.

The Senate Finance subcommittee on public school funding held its first meeting Monday to get an overview of school finance and the challenges in the proposed budget, but the discussion included several teacher-specific issues, including last session’s pay raise and teacher contracts.


House committees named

2:00 p.m.


Speaker Joe Straus named House committees today, and some committees are getting started right away. The chairs of the three key House committees for public school employees - Public Education; Pensions, Investments & Financial Services; and Appropriations - remain the same as last session (see lists below)