Senate budget subcommittee continues detailed look at school operations

5:00 p.m.

During a lively meeting of the Senate Finance subcommittee on public education funding, Chairwoman Florence Shapiro and other senators drilled down to get detailed information about data, financial issues, programs and services and their importance to classroom instruction.

Teacher contract compromise filed

TCTA and other education groups have been working on a legislative proposal that would help both teachers and school districts deal with a very specific, but crucial, aspect of the current budget crisis: the applicable timelines in current law for contract nonrenewal.

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Top 10 Things To Know About Reductions In Force

Reductions In Force

1. Reductions in force (RIFs) are the equivalent of what might be referred to as layoffs in the private sector, and are job losses resulting from school district financial difficulties. They’re not inevitable. Though many districts are talking about reducing staff, there are also districts and superintendents who are indicating that they can cut everything they need to without cutting staff.

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Senate subcommittee reviews how funding, cuts, to be apportioned

10:00 p.m.

The Senate Finance subcommittee on public education funding continued its close examination of education-related budget issues, today focusing in part on the mechanisms used to distribute state funds to local districts.

2011-12 health insurance changes

The TRS Board of Trustees adopted plan benefits and premium costs at its February meeting for TRS-ActiveCare and for the HMOs administered through TRS.

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Cost-cutting options

School districts across the state are working on budgets and many have begun compiling potential areas for budget cuts. While we can't provide a comprehensive list of what's on the table across the state, and the issues and options will vary from district to district, we thought the Round Rock and Ft. Worth ISDs have done a good job of laying out the options under consideration in their budgets. The Round Rock survey, in particular, provides a useful interactive worksheet that lets stakeholders select from a number of options and total the results.

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