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Bill Number Sponsor Last Action Bill Categories Bill Summary
HB 403 Rep. Senfronia Thompson, Sen. Joan Huffman Signed by governor Certification and Training

Training for superintendents and school boards on maltreatment of children

HB 452 Rep. Hugh Shine, Sen. Dawn Buckingham Signed by governor Miscellaneous

Masters with jurisdiction in truancy matters (Bell County only)

HB 455 Rep. Alma Allen, Sen. Kirk Watson Sent to governor Health

Policies for recess

HB 496 Rep. Barbara Gervin-Hawkins, Sen. Eddie Lucio Jr. Sent to governor Health

Bleeding control stations

HB 539 Rep. Ben Leman, Sen. Lois Kolkhorst Signed by governor Graduation/Higher Ed

Automatic college admission for small school valedictorians

HB 548 Rep. Terry Canales, Sen. Eddie Lucio Jr. Signed by governor Special populations

Language acquisition for deaf or hard-of-hearing students

HB 621 Rep. Victoria Neave, Sen. Judith Zaffirini Signed by governor Employee Protections

Child abuse reporting

HB 638 Rep. Giovanni Capriglione, Sen. Beverly Powell Signed by governor Graduation/Higher Ed

Posthumous diplomas

HB 674 Rep. Jared Patterson, Sen. Pat Fallon Signed by governor Miscellaneous

Regional service center assistance to districts

HB 678 Rep. Ryan Guillen, Sen. Beverly Powell Signed by governor Graduation/Higher Ed

Credit for ASL in elementary school

HB 684 Rep. Travis Clardy, Sen. Bryan Hughes Signed by governor Health

Students with seizure disorders

HB 692 Rep. James White, Sen. Kirk Watson Signed by governor Discipline

Restricting suspensions of homeless students

HB 706 Rep. Diego Bernal, Sen. Eddie Lucio Jr Signed by governor Special populations

Eligibility for audiology services

HB 771 Rep. Sarah Davis, Sen. Judith Zaffirini Sent to governor Miscellaneous

Sign posting for prohibited use of cellphones

HB 811 Rep. James White, Sen. Royce West Signed by governor Discipline

Discipline for homeless students