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Bill Number Sponsor Last Action Bill Categories Bill Summary
HB 256 Rep. Philip Cortez Passed House committee

Requires school district employment policies to include anti-bullying measures regarding bullying in the workplace, including provisions to address bullying of a teacher by a parent.

HB 269 Rep. Philip Cortez Passed House committee

Requires the DMV to issue specialty license plates for classroom teachers with at least 15 years experience. The plates must include "Texas Teacher" and a public education logo. The fee for issuance is $10. A plate will also be issued for retired classroom teachers with at least 20 years experience, to include "Retired Texas Teacher" and a public education logo. The fee for the retiree plate is $5.

HB 278 Rep. Terry Canales Passed House committee

Requires TEA to review criminal history records for each person to be appointed by the commissioner to serve on a board of managers.

HB 332 Rep. James Talarico Filed

Expands the uses of compensatory education funding to allow for paying the costs associated with implementing social and emotional learning programs.

HB 351 Rep. James Talarico Filed

Requires the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality to adopt rules establishing air filtration efficiency standards for public schools, private schools, and child care facilities in accordance with best practices. Requires schools to periodically test and replace as needed HVAC systems or components to meet air filtration efficiency standards. The testing must occur at least one each year, and testing results must be provided to TCEQ and made available to the public.

HB 353 Rep. Harold Dutton Filed

Adds to the indicators of student achievement in the accountability system specific disaggregation of racial and ethnic groups both as a whole and disaggregated by sex.

HB 363 Rep. Gary VanDeaver Filed

Provides strict controls regarding the masking of personally identifiable student information by TEA-approved operators with access to student information. Operators must adhere to a student data sharing agreement that includes an established unique identifier standard. Districts, charters, education service centers and other local education agencies may require a contracting operator to adhere to the state agreement.

HB 370 Rep. Barbara Gervin-Hawkins Filed

Provides that implementation of a new rule adopted by the commissioner or TEA that affects methods or procedures regarding accountability can be delayed until the second school year after the year the rule is adopted, unless the commissioner/TEA is required by law to implement the rule in a shorter period.

HB 384 Rep. Leo Pacheco Filed

Bracketed to San Antonio; provides that if the city adopts an ordinance designating a termination date for a tax increment financing reinvestment zone that is later than the date designated in the ordinance creating the zone, the number of years for which the total dollar amount can be deducted is limited to the duration of the zone.

HB 392 Rep. Rhetta Bowers Filed

Provides that a dress/grooming policy cannot discriminate against a hair texture or protective hairstyle commonly or historically associated with race. Applies to public and higher ed, employers, labor unions and employment agencies.

HB 411 Rep. Julie Johnson Filed

Directs the legislature and Legislative Council, as well as the commissioner/TEA/other relevant agencies, when drafting or amending statutes/rules, to avoid using the term "admission, review, and dismissal committee" or "ARD committee" and instead use "individualized education program team" or "IEP team". Revises current statutes to reflect this change.

HB 424 Rep. Ken King Filed

Requires SBOE to review the foundation TEKS and revise them as needed to narrow the number and scope of student expectations. The scope of TEKS for each subject and grade level must be more narrow than the scope as of 1/1/21, and must require less time for a demonstration of mastery than required as of 1/1/21. Includes provisions regarding any necessary changes in instructional materials proclamations.

HB 434 Rep. Keith Bell Filed

Adds one CATE credit as an alternative to a fine arts credit in the required curriculum.

HB 437 Rep. Vikki Goodwin Filed

Revises the 1/2 credit personal financial literacy course to be part of the required curriculum instead of an elective. Reduces the credits in the foundation program for electives from 5 to 4.5.

HB 445 Rep. Steve Allison Filed

Adds to the list of positive character traits to be integrated into TEKS "the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion."