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HB 246 Rep. Andrew Murr Filed

Clarifies the definition of "sexual contact" in the statutes regarding educator misconduct.

HB 248 Rep. Phil Stephenson Filed

Proposal for increased TRS revenue that provides life insurance benefits to TRS members and annuitants via a life insurance policy purchased by TRS with a $100,000 cash value for each enrolled member. The TRS fund is the owner and beneficiary of each life insurance policy. Enrollees can designate a beneficiary to receive $50,000 of the proceeds. TRS can obtain a loan from a third-party lender to pay the premiums. Upon the member's death, TRS would repay the lender from the proceeds. Eligible TRS members must be age 62 or younger and meet the insurer's requirements.

HB 250 Rep. Terry Meza Filed

Provides that school bus drivers in a district with at least 4,500 students must be paid no less than the greater of $15/hr or federal minimum wage.

HB 254 Rep. Diego Bernal Filed

Defines "bundle" in the statutes regarding instructional materials and technology purposes to mean one or more instruction materials that are sold together for one price.

HB 256 Rep. Philip Cortez Filed

Requires school district employment policies to include anti-bullying measures regarding bullying in the workplace, including provisions to address bullying of a teacher by a parent.

HB 269 Rep. Philip Cortez Filed

Requires the DMV to issue specialty license plates for classroom teachers with at least 15 years experience. The plates must include "Texas Teacher" and a public education logo. The fee for issuance is $10. A plate will also be issued for retired classroom teachers with at least 20 years experience, to include "Retired Texas Teacher" and a public education logo. The fee for the retiree plate is $5.

HB 278 Rep. Terry Canales Filed

Requires TEA to review criminal history records for each person to be appointed by the commissioner to serve on a board of managers.

HB 287 Rep. Mary Gonzalez Filed

Lowers the current 500-student threshold for student/counselor ratios to 250, so that a district with 250 or more students in elementary school grades must have a counselor at each elementary campus, and a counselor for every 250 elementary students.

HB 288 Rep. Phil Stephenson Filed

Exempts homesteads from property taxation for M&O purposes, offsetting the revenue loss with state sales and use tax revenue.

HB 301 Rep. Nicole Collier Filed

Provides that as part of a charter's application procedure, or for approval of an expansion amendment, the charter must provide to the commissioner a letter of community support or opposition from the appropriate state representative.

HB 303 Rep. Nicole Collier Filed

Requires districts and charters to conduct first-draw tap tests of potable water outlets every five years to monitor the amount of lead in the water of each building. If the amount of lead exceeds safe levels, the potable water can't be used until a lead remediation plan is implemented and tests confirm the water is safe. Tests are not required on outlets located in a building designated as lead-free, and are not required if the district or charter school has fewer than 1000 students and is not able to secure funding for the tests from grants or donations.

HB 305 Rep. Nicole Collier Filed

Requires charter schools, other than dropout recovery schools, performing arts schools or other specific purpose schools, to give admission preference to students who live in the relevant school district attendance zone.

HB 332 Rep. James Talarico Filed

Expands the uses of compensatory education funding to allow for paying the costs associated with implementing social and emotional learning programs.

HB 334 Rep. Gary Gates Filed

Revises spending of career/technology funding to require that at least 90% (currently 55%) of allocated funds be used to provide career and technology education programs in grades 7-12.

HB 351 Rep. James Talarico Filed

Requires the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality to adopt rules establishing air filtration efficiency standards for public schools, private schools, and child care facilities in accordance with best practices. Requires schools to periodically test and replace as needed HVAC systems or components to meet air filtration efficiency standards. The testing must occur at least one each year, and testing results must be provided to TCEQ and made available to the public.