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HB 773 Rep. Gary VanDeaver Filed

Adds information about students who successfully completed a program of study in career and technology education to the student achievement indicators.

HB 613 Rep. Gina Hinojosa Filed Miscellaneous

Makes the commissioner of education an elected position for a 4-year term.

HB 97 Rep. Gina Hinojosa Filed Charter schools

Prohibits discrimination in charter school admissions based on discipline history, except that it allows for exclusion of a student who is currently in a DAEP or JJAEP, or who has been expelled from a district or charter school. Also provides that a charter can exclude a student from a charter school campus that includes a child-care facility if convicted for a criminal offense that would preclude the student from a school district campus with a child-care facility.

HB 108 Rep. Gina Hinojosa Filed Charter schools

Provides that a charter school's policies and procedures for suspension and expulsion must comply with Chapter 37 requirements, including procedures relating to students in a special education program. Provides that a charter can only suspend a student for reasons and in the manner identified in the code of conduct. Expulsion is allowed only for bullying or serious offenses (TEC 37.007) and the manner of expulsion must be included in the code of conduct. Suspensions may not be for more than 3 days.

HB 807 Rep. Gina Hinojosa Filed

Requires the commissioner to establish appropriate accountability guidelines for accountability for a specialized support campus (at least 90% of students receive special education services and a significant portion are required to take an assessment instrument). Such a campus can develop and submit its own alternative plan. The commissioner will submit a report no later than Dec. 1, 2024, on the effectiveness of this proposal in evaluating specialized support campuses, and any recommendations for legislative or other action.

HB 808 Rep. Gina Hinojosa Filed

Allows districts to adopt a policy allowing the consumption, possession, and sale of alcohol at a sporting or athletic event at a stadium or other athletic facility owned by the district, as long as the facility is not within 300 feet of a public or private campus and is leased to a nonprofit or private entity for an event not sponsored by the district.

HB 1192 Rep. Gina Hinojosa Filed Accountability

Provides for the cancellation of STAAR during emergency declarations issued by the governor and/or president of the US. The commissioner would have to apply for a federal waiver of testing requirements for a school or school district that is located in the area of the disaster, and the bill requires the state not to consider these assessments when it comes to possible district or campus takeovers.

HB 353 Rep. Harold Dutton Filed

Adds to the indicators of student achievement in the accountability system specific disaggregation of racial and ethnic groups both as a whole and disaggregated by sex.

HB 617 Rep. Harold Dutton Filed Finance

Creates an allotment for students whose parents are incarcerated, in the amount of the basic allotment times 1.1.

HB 618 Rep. Harold Dutton Filed Charter schools

Allows charter schools to participate in the existing Jobs and Education for Texans (JET) Grant Program, which is currently limited to junior colleges, technical institutes, state colleges and ISDs.

HB 826 Rep. Harold Dutton Filed

Provides an affirmative defense to indecency with a child or sexual assault if the actor was of the opposite sex and no more than 3 years older than the victim, or no more than 5 years if both were enrolled in public school in grade 9 or above, and the conduct did not occur without the consent of the victim.

HB 572 Rep. Harold Dutton Filed

Allows the commissioner, during the 2022-23 school year, to offer a dropout recovery competency-based pilot program, which may have a charter school, or a campus or campus program that has been granted a charter, provide the program. The program is for students in grades 9-12, at least 50% of whom are 17 or older as of September 1 of the school year, and the program must register under alternative education accountability procedures.

HB 547 Rep. James Frank Filed

Requires districts that participate in UIL activities to provide otherwise-eligible home-schooled students the opportunity to participate on behalf of the school in the same manner as students enrolled in the school. The home-schooled student is subject to policies regarding registration, age eligibility, fees, insurance, transportation, physical condition, qualifications, responsibilities, event schedules, standards of behavior, and performance.

HB 51 Rep. James Talarico Filed Early childhood

Creates the Office of Early Childhood within the Department of State Health Services. The primary duties of the OEC are to coordinate and integrate child care, early childhood, and early care and learning programs.

HB 332 Rep. James Talarico Filed

Expands the uses of compensatory education funding to allow for paying the costs associated with implementing social and emotional learning programs.