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HB 445 Rep. Steve Allison Filed

Adds to the list of positive character traits to be integrated into TEKS "the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion."

HB 450 Rep. Mary Gonzalez Filed

Revises the charter statute regarding charters providing notice of a new (expansion) campus to be mandatory, rather than permissive, and to require that the notice be provided at least 18 months before opening, rather than up to 18 months. Shortens the time limit for the commissioner to provide approval or disapproval of the expansion from 60 to 30 days.

HB 516 Rep. Michelle Beckley Filed

Requires that all students be immunized against bacterial meningitis.

HB 517 Rep. Michelle Beckley Filed

Requires school boards to adopt a policy regarding custodians' workloads. It must include benchmarks for the square footage that can be assigned to a properly equipped custodian during an 8-hour shift. The benchmarks must be categorized by elementary, middle and high school campuses, and by other district facilities.

HB 518 Rep. Michelle Beckley Filed

Requires TEA to conduct a study of standards for district maintenance of facilities and custodial services, including standards for appropriate custodial workloads.

HB 538 Rep. Jared Patterson Filed

Expands the number of students eligible for more than three year-long online courses during a year by removing the current restriction that limits students to those enrolled in a full-time online program that was operating on Jan. 1, 2013.

HB 547 Rep. James Frank Filed

Requires districts that participate in UIL activities to provide otherwise-eligible home-schooled students the opportunity to participate on behalf of the school in the same manner as students enrolled in the school. The home-schooled student is subject to policies regarding registration, age eligibility, fees, insurance, transportation, physical condition, qualifications, responsibilities, event schedules, standards of behavior, and performance.

HB 550 Rep. Celia Israel Filed

Adds to current whistleblower laws that an employee can report a violation of law to the reporting employee's immediate supervisor, or person above that supervisor, at the employing government entity; an individual or office designated by the entity as the appropriate office for such reports; or a member of the human resources staff at the employing entity. Requires entities to adopt an anti-retaliation policy, and to provide employees with a copy of the policy.

HB 557 Rep. James White Filed

Creates the STEM Scholarship Program to provide students with scholarships to attend a STEM program at an institution of higher education.

HB 568 Rep. Ron Reynolds Filed

Bracketed to Fort Bend ISD. Requires one school board member to be elected at-large and the remaining members from single-member districts in FBISD.

HB 572 Rep. Harold Dutton Filed

Allows the commissioner, during the 2022-23 school year, to offer a dropout recovery competency-based pilot program, which may have a charter school, or a campus or campus program that has been granted a charter, provide the program. The program is for students in grades 9-12, at least 50% of whom are 17 or older as of September 1 of the school year, and the program must register under alternative education accountability procedures.

HB 577 Rep. Phil Stephenson Filed

Creates a joint interim committee to study the feasibility of a pension revenue enhancement plan for TRS (see Stephenson's HB 248).

HB 586 Rep. Sheryl Cole Filed

Allows districts to borrow money from the Texas Public Finance Authority. The TPFA can issue and sell obligations to finance loans to districts for eligible purposes; the purchase of vehicles, equipment or appliances for sale, lease, or lease purchase to eligible districts; a lease or other agreement that concerns equipment that a district has purchased or leased or intends to purchase/lease; and costs associated with improvement of existing facilities.

HB 587 Rep. Sheryl Cole Filed

Requires the Texas Facilities Commission to study the availability and suitability of unused and underused public facilities for joint use by two governmental entities.

HB 589 Rep. Mary Gonzalez Filed

Requires districts to adopt a policy requiring counselors to spend at least 80% of their work time on duties that are components of a counseling program. Time spent in administering assessments or providing related assistance (except for time interpreting data) is not considering counseling time. If a board determines that staffing needs dictate that a counselor spend less than 80% of their time on counseling duties, the policy must include the reasons why, list the non-counseling duties, and set the percentage of time that the counselor must spend on counseling duties.