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Bill Number Sponsor Last Action Bill Categories Bill Summary
HB 1613 Rep. Ray Lopez Filed Teachers

Extends the deadline for K-3 teachers and principals to attend a literacy achievement academy from 2021-22 to 2023-24.

SB 1 Sen. Jane Nelson Filed Finance

The Senate's base budget for the 2022-23 biennium.

SB 36 Sen. Judith Zaffirini Filed Discipline

Adds to the definition of hazing laws regarding having firsthand knowledge of the planning of hazing and failing to report to the dean of students or other appropriate official of the institution, that the report can be made to a peace officer or law enforcement agency. Clarifies in the section that says a person who voluntarily reports is immune from liability, that the "person" includes a student group, and that the report can be made to a peace officer or law enforcement agency.

SB 37 Sen. Judith Zaffirini Filed Prekindergarten

Revises preK laws to require that a district offer preK to any child who is at least four years old. A district may offer preK if it identifies 15 or more children who are at least three years old, and are unable to speak/comprehend English, are educationally disadvanged, are homeless, are the child of active duty military, are the child of military injured or killed while on active duty, are or have ever been in Department of Family and Protective Services conservatorship following an adversary hearing, or are a child of a person eligible for the Star of Texas Award.

SB 77 Sen. Borris Miles Filed Students

Prohibits dress/grooming policies, including for extracurricular activities, from discriminating against a hair texture or protective hairstyle (such as braids, locks and twists) commonly or historically associated with race. Applies to institutions of higher education as well. Also applies to employers, labor unions and employment agencies.

SB 78 Sen. Borris Miles Filed Governance

Requires schools, including charters, to notify parents if the school does not have a full-time nurse, counselor or librarian (or the equivalent - for example, two half-time nurses) assigned for more than 30 consecutive days during the same school year. The requirement does not apply to a district or charter school with fewer than 10,000 students.

SB 79 Sen. Borris Miles Filed COVID-19

Requires that a school authority report to the Department of State Health Services and TEA if a child, employee or volunteer provides notice to the authority that they are infected with a communicable disease for which the governor has declared a state of disaster.

SB 88 Sen. Jose Menendez Filed Special populations

The commissioner must distribute funds to each district to provide special education liaison services and employ one or more certified educators to serve as special education liaison for the district. If the district has a SPED liaison, that person serves as the district's representative on a student's IEP committee.

SB 89 Sen. Jose Menendez Filed Special populations

Titled the COVID-19 Special Education Recovery Act. Provides that for each child in special education during 2019-20 or 2020-21, the district must prepare a supplement included with the written statement of the IEP.

SB 96 Sen. Jose Menendez Filed Mental Health

Allows districts to contract with a local mental health authority to provide mental health services on a campus. Upon parent request, a local mental health authority providing on-campus services that conducts a mental or behavioral health assessment or provides services to the parent's student can provide results to the student's primary care provider of the assessment and of any services provided.

SB 104 Sen. Jose Menendez Filed TRS/benefits

Increases the minimum state contribution to TRS in statute from six to seven percent.

SB 260 Sen. Jose Menendez Filed Accountability

Eliminates end-of-course assessments, and requires TEA To adopt a nationally recognized multiple subject assessment instrument for students in 11th grade for math, English language arts, and science. Results may be used only for diagnostic purposes and may not be used as criteria for graduation. Before the first administration of the assessment instruments, TEA must demonstrate that the instruments are aligned with the TEKS for each subject assessed.