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HB 773 Rep. Gary VanDeaver Filed

Adds information about students who successfully completed a program of study in career and technology education to the student achievement indicators.

HB 779 Rep. Art Fierro Filed

Requires districts to reimburse teachers of grades 9 and below up to $250/year for classroom supplies purchased by the teacher. Teachers (no grade levels specified) can be reimbursed under the state program for eligible purchases for which they are not reimbursed under the district requirement.

HB 785 Rep. Alma Allen Filed Discipline

Requires the IEP committee to at least annually review a behavior improvement plan (BIP) if included in a student's IEP, to address any changes in the student's circumstances (e.g., a changed placement or variations in attendance or behavior), or student safety. Adds to required provisions of a student code of conduct that parent notification of a student removed to a DAEP or expelled must specify whether the district recommends a revision to the BIP, if applicable, or whether the district recommends conducting a functional behavioral assessment.

HB 794 Rep. Leo Pacheco Filed

Requires charter schools to comply with educator certification statutes.

HB 800 Rep. Jon Rosenthal Filed

Applies to districts with 5000+ students; provides that a student in grades 1-6 cannot be assigned for two consecutive school years to a teacher teaching a foundation subject who has less than one year of teaching experience and who is not appropriately certified. Provides an exception if the parent and a school counselor or administrator agree to the assignment, or if the assignment occurs during the first year a student transfers into the district.

HB 807 Rep. Gina Hinojosa Filed

Requires the commissioner to establish appropriate accountability guidelines for accountability for a specialized support campus (at least 90% of students receive special education services and a significant portion are required to take an assessment instrument). Such a campus can develop and submit its own alternative plan. The commissioner will submit a report no later than Dec. 1, 2024, on the effectiveness of this proposal in evaluating specialized support campuses, and any recommendations for legislative or other action.

HB 808 Rep. Gina Hinojosa Filed

Allows districts to adopt a policy allowing the consumption, possession, and sale of alcohol at a sporting or athletic event at a stadium or other athletic facility owned by the district, as long as the facility is not within 300 feet of a public or private campus and is leased to a nonprofit or private entity for an event not sponsored by the district.

HB 812 Rep. Matt Shaheen Filed Accountability

Prohibits the use of the statewide standardized tests as the sole criterion for evaluating teacher performance or determining teacher compensation. Requires TEA to ensure that each assessment instrument is administered through statewide interim assessments. The results will be combined to determine a single summative score. If administered electronically, it must be adaptive and growth-based. At least one interim assessment must be administered at the beginning of the school year and one at the end.

HB 818 Rep. Sheryl Cole Filed

Expands the definition of the crime of harassment to include publication of repeated electronic communications in a manner reasonably likely to harass, abuse, or torment another person and makes this form of harassment a Class A misdemeanor. Includes the provision in the Ch. 37 statute that allows principals to report to law enforcement if the principal has reasonable grounds to believe the student engaged in this conduct.

HB 819 Rep. James White Filed

Creates a Rural School Innovation Zones pilot program to align the delivery of educational services in rural areas to maximize workforce preparation and improve student outcomes. A district in an eligible area can opt into the pilot program by entering into an agreement with other districts in the region to establish a regional administrator to manage the educational and career opportunities offered to high school students under the program.

HB 822 Rep. DeWayne Burns Filed

Requires expulsion of a student who engages in felony terroristic threat. If the threat is a misdemeanor, the student may be expelled.

HB 826 Rep. Harold Dutton Filed

Provides an affirmative defense to indecency with a child or sexual assault if the actor was of the opposite sex and no more than 3 years older than the victim, or no more than 5 years if both were enrolled in public school in grade 9 or above, and the conduct did not occur without the consent of the victim.

HB 828 Rep. Mary Gonzalez Filed

Adds disability studies to the enrichment curriculum. Requires that the TEKS include disability studies in social studies in grades K-8, and in one or more courses offered for high school graduation.

HB 823 Rep. Mary Gonzalez Filed


Adds chronically absent students to the list of those considered at-risk. Chronically absent is defined as absent from school for more than 10% of the days within a school year or a six-week grade reporting period. Requires districts to report information regarding chronically absent students - including disaggregated data on race, ethnicity, and whether they receive special education services, have dyslexia, are educationally disadvantaged and are limited English proficient - through PEIMS.

HB 855 Rep. Mary Gonzalez Filed

Requires TEA and the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board to conduct a study on the transition to higher education for public school students with disabilities.