The 87th Texas Legislature convenes Jan. 12, 2021, for a 140-day session. Below you'll find more information about education-related bills filed during the session. Click on the bill's name in the table to see more details about it.

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SB 89 Sen. Jose Menendez Filed Special populations

Titled the COVID-19 Special Education Recovery Act. Provides that for each child in special education during 2019-20 or 2020-21, the district must prepare a supplement included with the written statement of the IEP.

HB 351 Rep. James Talarico Filed

Requires the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality to adopt rules establishing air filtration efficiency standards for public schools, private schools, and child care facilities in accordance with best practices. Requires schools to periodically test and replace as needed HVAC systems or components to meet air filtration efficiency standards. The testing must occur at least one each year, and testing results must be provided to TCEQ and made available to the public.

SB 96 Sen. Jose Menendez Filed Mental Health

Allows districts to contract with a local mental health authority to provide mental health services on a campus. Upon parent request, a local mental health authority providing on-campus services that conducts a mental or behavioral health assessment or provides services to the parent's student can provide results to the student's primary care provider of the assessment and of any services provided.

HB 353 Rep. Harold Dutton Filed

Adds to the indicators of student achievement in the accountability system specific disaggregation of racial and ethnic groups both as a whole and disaggregated by sex.

SB 104 Sen. Jose Menendez Filed TRS/benefits

Increases the minimum state contribution to TRS in statute from six to seven percent.

HB 363 Rep. Gary VanDeaver Filed

Provides strict controls regarding the masking of personally identifiable student information by TEA-approved operators with access to student information. Operators must adhere to a student data sharing agreement that includes an established unique identifier standard. Districts, charters, education service centers and other local education agencies may require a contracting operator to adhere to the state agreement.

HB 725 Rep. Jared Patterson Filed

Adds children who are or have been in foster care in another state or territory to the list of children eligible for free preK.

HB 370 Rep. Barbara Gervin-Hawkins Filed

Provides that implementation of a new rule adopted by the commissioner or TEA that affects methods or procedures regarding accountability can be delayed until the second school year after the year the rule is adopted, unless the commissioner/TEA is required by law to implement the rule in a shorter period.

HB 742 Rep. DeWayne Burns Filed Accountability

Allows a parent of a student with significant cognitive disabilities to request that their student be exempted from the alternative assessment instrument. The student's ARD committee will determine if the student should be exempted. If so, the student must be assessed in the applicable subject using an alternative assessment method developed under a process newly outlined in the bill. The commissioner, with stakeholder and parent input, must develop for each applicable subject an alternative assessment method. The criteria must include progress on the goals identified in the student's IEP...

HB 384 Rep. Leo Pacheco Filed

Bracketed to San Antonio; provides that if the city adopts an ordinance designating a termination date for a tax increment financing reinvestment zone that is later than the date designated in the ordinance creating the zone, the number of years for which the total dollar amount can be deducted is limited to the duration of the zone.

HB 749 Rep. Mayes Middleton Filed

Prohibits political subdivisions from using public funds to hire a lobbyist or to pay a nonprofit state organization that primarily represents political subdivision and hires or contracts with a lobbyist. If the subdivision engages in the prohibited activity, a taxpayer or resident of the subdivision is entitled to injunctive relief to prevent further such activity. Allows county judges and county commissioners to serve on the governing body of such an organization but public funds cannot be spent to serve or otherwise to join or be a member of the organization.

HB 392 Rep. Rhetta Bowers Filed

Provides that a dress/grooming policy cannot discriminate against a hair texture or protective hairstyle commonly or historically associated with race. Applies to public and higher ed, employers, labor unions and employment agencies.

HB 750 Rep. DeWayne Burns Filed

TCTA-initiated bill that requires districts to post (if they have a website) their employment policy and the full text of any regulations or forms referenced in the policy.

HB 411 Rep. Julie Johnson Filed

Directs the legislature and Legislative Council, as well as the commissioner/TEA/other relevant agencies, when drafting or amending statutes/rules, to avoid using the term "admission, review, and dismissal committee" or "ARD committee" and instead use "individualized education program team" or "IEP team". Revises current statutes to reflect this change.

HB 759 Rep. Sam Harless Filed

Creates a student threat assessment database for students determined by a threat assessment team to be a serious risk to themselves or others. Requires that a threat assessment team's assessment of a student be completed within 30 days of the beginning of the assessment. No more than 10 days after a determination that a student poses serious risk of violence to himself or others, the team must enter the assessment into the database and make a notation in the student's record that the student is included in the database.