The 87th Texas Legislature convenes Jan. 12, 2021, for a 140-day session. Below you'll find more information about education-related bills filed during the session. Click on the bill's name in the table to see more details about it.

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HB 24 Rep. Alex Dominguez Left pending Special populations

Requires the commissioner to distribute funds to provide at least one playground in each district that is inclusive and accessible for students with disabilities. (Failed to pass House Public Education Committee.)


HB 785 Rep. Alma Allen Filed Discipline

Requires the IEP committee to at least annually review a behavior improvement plan (BIP) if included in a student's IEP, to address any changes in the student's circumstances (e.g., a changed placement or variations in attendance or behavior), or student safety. Adds to required provisions of a student code of conduct that parent notification of a student removed to a DAEP or expelled must specify whether the district recommends a revision to the BIP, if applicable, or whether the district recommends conducting a functional behavioral assessment.

HB 246 Rep. Andrew Murr Passed House committee

Clarifies the definition of "sexual contact" in the statutes regarding educator misconduct.

HB 59 Rep. Andrew Murr Left pending Finance

Prohibits districts from imposing M&O taxes. An enrichment tax of up to 17 cents per $100 of taxable property value is allowed to to enrich students' educational opportunities. Creates the joint interim committee on the elimination of school district M&O taxes. The committee will evaluate the effectiveness of increasing/expanding or newly imposing consumption (sales) taxes to fund public schools.

HB 672 Rep. Armando Martinez Filed TRS/benefits

Requires the TRS Board to consider a CPI-indexed increase to retirement benefits on an annual basis, to the extent that the retirement system is actuarially sound and has money available to pay the increased benefits. If sound but the full benefit is not affordable, the Board will adjust the amount of the increase accordingly. Begins with benefits paid on or after Jan. 1, 2022.

HB 370 Rep. Barbara Gervin-Hawkins Filed

Provides that implementation of a new rule adopted by the commissioner or TEA that affects methods or procedures regarding accountability can be delayed until the second school year after the year the rule is adopted, unless the commissioner/TEA is required by law to implement the rule in a shorter period.

HB 605 Rep. Barbara Gervin-Hawkins Filed Health

Requires districts to adopt a healthy and safe school water plan, which must include provisions for periodic lead testing and reducing exposure to elevated levels of lead in school water sources. If testing results show lead levels of more than 15 ppb, the district must restrict access to the water source within 48 hours of learning of the results, and must mitigate the source of the contamination. A subsequent test must show a level of less than 15 ppb before access is restored.

HB 622 Rep. Barbara Gervin-Hawkins Filed Certification and Training

Creates an abbreviated educator preparation program for marketing education certification and health science technology education certification. Each program must require at least 200 hours of coursework or training.

HB 1740 Rep. Dan Huberty Filed Accountability


HB 742 Rep. DeWayne Burns Filed Accountability

Allows a parent of a student with significant cognitive disabilities to request that their student be exempted from the alternative assessment instrument. The student's ARD committee will determine if the student should be exempted. If so, the student must be assessed in the applicable subject using an alternative assessment method developed under a process newly outlined in the bill. The commissioner, with stakeholder and parent input, must develop for each applicable subject an alternative assessment method. The criteria must include progress on the goals identified in the student's IEP...

HB 750 Rep. DeWayne Burns Filed

TCTA-initiated bill that requires districts to post (if they have a website) their employment policy and the full text of any regulations or forms referenced in the policy.

HB 822 Rep. DeWayne Burns Filed

Requires expulsion of a student who engages in felony terroristic threat. If the threat is a misdemeanor, the student may be expelled.

HB 220 Rep. Diego Bernal Passed House committee

Creates "resource campuses" that can be designated by the commissioner to provide quality education and enrichment. An eligible campus must have received an overall rating of F for four years over a 10-year period. A designated campus is exempt from Chapter 39 accountability interventions and sanctions, and qualifies for SB 1882 funding. Prior to application for the designation, a campus must form an evaluation team including the superintendent, teachers, a community member, a parent of a student enrolled during an "F" year, and a non-teacher educator.

HB 81 Rep. Eddie Rodriguez Passed House committee School Structure

Provides that a campus turnaround plan can allow a campus to operate as a community school. Such a plan must include programs to coordinate academic, social and health services and reduce barriers to learning through partnerships and service coordination. Programs can include early childhood education, after-school and summer school programs, college and career prep, service learning opportunities, leadership and mentoring programs, activities to encourage community and parent involvement, health and social services for students and their families, and parenting classes.

HB 130 Rep. Eddie Rodriquez Left pending Miscellaneous

States a toll project entity may not require a school bus to pay a toll for use of a toll project.