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Bill Number Sponsorsort descending Last Action Bill Categories Bill Summary
HB 2633 Rep. Geanie Morrison, Sen. Lois Kolkhorst Signed by governor Governance

Sale/use of alcohol in a district-owned performing arts facility (Victoria ISD only)

HB 638 Rep. Giovanni Capriglione, Sen. Beverly Powell Signed by governor Graduation/Higher Ed

Posthumous diplomas

HB 4310 Rep. Harold Dutton, Sen. Bryan Hughes Signed by governor Curriculum

Prohibition on penalizing teacher for not following scope and sequence

HB 452 Rep. Hugh Shine, Sen. Dawn Buckingham Signed by governor Miscellaneous

Masters with jurisdiction in truancy matters (Bell County only)

HB 3012 Rep. James Talarico, Sen. Eddie Lucio Jr. Signed by governor Discipline

Providing coursework to suspended students

HB 114 Rep. James White, Sen. Brian Birdwell Signed by governor Counselors

Providing information about college credit for military service

HB 3316 Rep. James White, Sen. Charles Schwertner Signed by governor School Safety

Cooperation between districts and crime stoppers organizations

HB 692 Rep. James White, Sen. Kirk Watson Signed by governor Discipline

Restricting suspensions of homeless students

HB 811 Rep. James White, Sen. Royce West Signed by governor Discipline

Discipline for homeless students

HB 674 Rep. Jared Patterson, Sen. Pat Fallon Signed by governor Miscellaneous

Regional service center assistance to districts

HB 2526 Rep. Jeff Leach, Sen. Pat Fallon Signed by governor Governance

Residency for property partially in a district

HB 4388 Rep. Jim Murphy, Sen. Donna Campbell Signed by governor Finance

Cooperation between School Land Board and State Board of Education on investment funds

HB 4258 Rep. Jim Murphy, Sen. Donna Campbell Signed by governor Charter schools

Notice for bond financing for charter schools

HB 1612 Rep. Jim Murphy, Sen. Joan Huffman Signed by governor TRS/benefits

Hedge fund investments

HB 1 Rep. John Zerwas, Sen. Jane Nelson Signed by governor Finance

Appropriations bill (state budget); sent to comptroller for certification