The Senate State Affairs Committee will consider legislation (SB 936) creating a joint interim committee to study the state’s retirement systems.

The House Public Education Committee’s Subcommittee on Educator Quality is hearing several bills, including:

  • HB 218 and HB 333, both addressing educator/student misconduct
  • HB 816, which enhances current laws regarding mentoring progams
  • HB 972, which limits the ability of certain districts (5,000+ students) to assign elementary students to an inexperienced or inappropriately certified teacher for two consecutive years.
  • HB 1255, which removes the $450 cap on the award teachers can receive under the AP Incentive Program
  • HB 1469, which would allow charter schools to hire individuals without a college degree to teach certain CTE courses


The Senate Education Committee will hear SB 3, the private school voucher legislation that includes components of both education savings accounts and tax credit scholarships.

The House Public Education Committee will hear two dozen bills that address various aspects of the state accountability system, ranging from proposals that address the required achievement indicators to some that would eliminate one or more currently-required assessments.

HB 1428 and HB 1566 will be heard in the House Insurance Committee. Both add TRS-Care and ActiveCare to existing law that provides a mechanism for insurance plan participants to request mediation for out-of-network balance billing claims.

The House Homeland Security and Public Safety will hold hearings on HB 960, which expands the current school marshal law, and HB 1545, which would allow a person to apply credit hours for law-enforcement-related high school courses toward the hours of training required for a peace officer license.

The Senate Criminal Justice Committee meeting includes SB 30, which would include in the required public school curriculum instruction for students in grades 9-12 regarding proper interactions with peace officers during traffic stops and other encounters.