Several TCTA bills are moving steadily through the legislative process:

  • SB 1634 by Chair Larry Taylor has passed the Senate. Its companion, HB 1114 by Rep. Cindy Burkett, was voted out of the House Public Education Committee this week. The bill allows districts that reduce the number of instructional days to also reduce required teacher days accordingly, without a reduction in salary. (Rep. Burkett filed HB 1114 independently, though TCTA had sought a bill sponsor for the same concept; TCTA asked Chair Taylor to file the same bill in the Senate.)
  • SB 1317 by Rep. Carlos Uresti, which provides that districts cannot require teachers to report for school more than seven business days prior to the start of school (with an exception of 10 business days for new-to-the-district teachers), passed out of the Senate Education Committee.
  • HB 3318 by Rep. Lance Gooden, which requires districts and TEA to promptly post District of Innovation plans, passed out of the House Public Education Committee.
  • HB 726 by Rep. Dwayne Bohac, which provides for mandatory removal of a student based on assault against an employee, had a hearing Wednesday in the House Juvenile Justice and Family Issues Committee.