Tuesday's Senate Education Committee hearing included the following:

  • SB 195 by Sen. Sylvia Garcia would allow districts to access a portion of the transportation allotment to address problems associated with students who must travel through high crime areas, but which are too close to the school to be served by buses. Funding could be used for a variety of approaches including training for volunteer "walkers" to accompany the students on designated routes.
  • SB 1785 by Sen. Carlos Uresti would prohibit the use of student surveys in teacher appraisals.
  • SB 2168 by Huffines would ensure that records relating to accusations of misconduct that are determined to be groundless would not become public information.

Among the bills from previous hearings that were voted out at this meeting were SB 1866, which would create an office of inspector general at TEA, and SB 2144, which would create a commission to study the school finance system.