The House Public Education Committee met Tuesday with another lengthy agenda. The deadline for House committees to consider House bills is rapidly approaching, so committee meetings will be longer and more frequent for the next couple of weeks.

Among the bills heard Tuesday were:

  • HB 1865 by Rep. Matt Krause, which would prohibit districts from starting school earlier than the Tuesday after Labor Day, or ending school later than the Friday before Memorial Day (with exceptions for year-round schools). It also provides that Districts of Innovation cannot exempt themselves from the laws regarding the school start and end dates; Krause is considering a committee substitute that would only include the DOI issue and not change the start and end dates in statute.
  • HB 3635 by Krause, which adds new accountability measures for Districts of Innovation.
  • HB 1333 by Rep. Jason Isaac, which would revise the accountability system to reduce the emphasis on standardized testing; it includes a reduction in the number of tests and would prohibit the use of standardized test performance in teacher appraisals.
  • HB 1651 would require districts to reimburse classroom teachers for up to $200 worth of classroom supplies purchased with personal funds.

All bills were left pending.