TCTA told state lawmakers that a revamp of the state accountability system should include educators’ perceptions of their school climate. In testimony before the Senate Education Committee on SB 2051, TCTA's Holly Eaton pointed out that the proposed new “School Climate” portion of the revised system should include a state-administered climate survey to gather information about students', educators', and parents' perceptions of various aspects of their school climate, such as safety, the condition of school facilities, the availability of necessary materials, involvement of staff in decision-making, and more.  TCTA referred to other states that report on and include school climate survey results in their accountability systems.

In contrast to HB 22, the accountability bill moving through the House, SB 2051 does not eliminate summative A-F accountability ratings or delay implementation of the system. However, like HB 22, SB 2051 collapses the current five-domain system into three domains: student achievement, school performance, and school climate, and it includes additional non-test-based measures in these domains.