Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick held a press conference Wednesday morning in response to a letter from House Speaker Joe Straus that was provided to the media on Tuesday. Straus had maintained that the legislature only needed to pass a state budget bill and a bill ensuring the continuation of several state agencies (a "Sunset safety" bill) in order to avoid the need for a special session.

Patrick responded by insisting that the House pass SB 2, a property tax bill addressing how and when voters must approve tax rates, and SB 6, the so-called "bathroom bill," essentially holding the budget and Sunset safety bills hostage.

He also mentioned a few other bills of particular interest, including HB 21, the school finance reform bill. In his comments, Patrick said that the Senate was offering $.5 billion in new education funding (more a billion dollars less than the amount proposed by the House) and postponement of A-F school ratings to 2019, in return for House approval of an education savings account voucher proposal for students with special needs.