The legislature adjourned sine die ("without another day") on Monday, having technically fulfilled its obligation for the session by adopting a state budget on Saturday. The House approved SB 1, the appropriations bill, on a 135-14 vote, and it passed the Senate 30-1.

The House and Senate were not able to agree on some other key pieces of legislation, which could lead to the calling of a special session by Gov. Greg Abbott. Of particular concern on a practical level is the failure to adopt the "Sunset" legislation for the Texas Medical Board, the licensing board for medical professionals. Under the Sunset process, state agencies are reviewed thoroughly and legislation is required to continue their existence. In the absence of legislation continuing the Medical Board, that agency could be required to close down.

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick held the Sunset legislation hostage in an attempt to force the House to pass Patrick-approved versions of property tax reform and bathroom regulation. However, the House refused to negotiate further. Gov. Greg Abbott is expected to weigh in soon regarding if, when, and on what subjects he would call legislators back to Austin for a special session.

TCTA is analyzing the bills that have been sent to the governor's office, particularly those approved in the closing days of the session, during which it was common to see multiple bills — otherwise stalled — added as amendments. This week's eUpdate will review the major legislation that did and didn't pass, and the following update will summarize some of the more minor bills that will still have an impact on teachers, students and/or schools.