Gov. Greg Abbott announced a July special session June 6. The session, which can last up to 30 days, will begin on July 18, and topics on the governor's agenda include vouchers, payroll deduction, and "flexibility" in hiring and firing teachers. The first order of business will be passage of legislation reauthorizing the state agencies, such as the Texas Medical Board, that were not addressed during the regular session. After that legislation gets moving, 19 other issues will be added to the call, including: 

  • A $1,000 raise for teachers, but no additional state funding, so money would come from within existing school budgets
  • Additional flexibility for administrators to hire and fire teachers
  • Prohibition of payroll deduction of association dues
  • Vouchers for special education students
  • Creation of a school finance reform commission
  • Property tax reform
  • A bathroom bill

Other issues include several abortion-related topics and measures addressing city governance. The Legislature may choose not to pass bills addressing any or all of the topics, and the governor can call one or more subsequent special sessions if he chooses.