The education-related proposals included on the special session agenda have been scheduled for hearings this weekend in several Senate Committees.

Friday morning, the Senate Education Committee will consider a "tax credit" voucher plan for students with disabilities (SB 2 by Sen. Larry Taylor) and a bill creating a commission to study the school finance system (SB 16, also by Taylor).

Also Friday morning, the Senate State Affairs Committee will take up the bathroom legislation (SBs 3 and 91 by Sen. Lois Kolkhorst).

Saturday afternoon, the Senate Finance Committee will hear the legislation that includes teacher salary provisions and additional funding for TRS-Care (SB 19 by Sen. Jane Nelson).

Sunday afternoon, the Senate Business and Commerce Committee will hear payroll deduction legislation (SBs 7 and 94 by Sen. Bryan Hughes).

Also Sunday afternoon, the Senate Education Committee will consider bills that would direct lottery proceeds (not additional funds, only a redistribution of the existing amounts) to teacher salaries/bonuses (SB 97 by Sen. Charles Perry and SJR 1 by Sen. Konni Burton).