TCTA submitted testimony Friday in opposition to SB 2, the tax credit/voucher legislation that will allow businesses to receive a credit against state taxes for contributions they make to an "educational assistance organization." The organization will then use the contributions to provide funding for students with special needs to attend private schools; some funding would also be available for supplemental assistance for special needs students remaining at public schools.

This concept continues to evolve from session to session, but the fundamental issue remains the same - funding that would otherwise be available to help all students through the public school system would instead be directed to private schools.

Witnesses opposing the bill noted that special education students who used the voucher to attend a private school would then lose the protections that federal law provides, and that families with the least resources would still be unable to afford a private school and the necessary therapies and assistance (which would typically be an expense beyond the private school tuition) even with the voucher funding.