Having passed nearly all of the bills related to Gov. Abbott's special session agenda, the Senate is now waiting for the House to take action on legislation that includes vouchers, payroll deduction, teacher salaries, TRS-Care funding, and the bathroom bill (as well as more than a dozen other other non-education-related bills).

The House is expected to consider its own version of a teacher pay raise and an increase in TRS-Care funding soon. So far there seems to be no more House interest in approving bills related to vouchers and bathrooms than there was in the regular session, but the rumor mill has generated differing stories on whether payroll deduction might be considered in that chamber during the special session. Teachers are encouraged to continue contacting legislators on all of these issues - your phone calls and emails are making a difference but it's important to keep up the pressure!

Both the House and the Senate have adjourned for the weekend. No education-related bills are on an upcoming calendar in either chamber, but Friday afternoon the House Public Education Committee posted a hearing for Tuesday, Aug. 1. The agenda includes a couple of dozen bills on topics ranging from school finance to pre-K class sizes.