With the Senate absent for most of the week, our focus has been on the House, but after Tuesday's marathon Public Education Committee hearing, the House took a break from education issues for a few days. But the House has scheduled four school finance and related bills for floor action Friday.

HB 30 by Zerwas appropriates $1.9 billion in additional funding for public education.

HB 21 by Huberty is a major school finance bill that distributes the $1.9 billion appropriated in HB 30, simplifying some elements of the current system and including assistance for those districts experiencing financial hardship due to the elimination of ASATR (additional state aid for tax reduction).

HB 22 by Ken King extends the deadline for eliminating ASATR by two years.

HB 23 by Huberty provides $20 million in grant funding for districts to provide innovate services to students with autism.