The House Public Education Committee met Tuesday to hear several bills, many of which do not fall into the categories laid out by the governor as the agenda for this special session. Chair Dan Huberty acknowledged that while they may not be the governor’s priorities, many of these bills represented issues that the committee/House considered important.

The hearing included a few bills relating to teacher salaries:

  • HB 255 by Rep. Ron Reynolds would provide a $4,000 across-the-board teacher pay raise.
  • HB 340 by Rep. Poncho Nevarez would allow districts to pay a stipend to teachers for receiving certain autism training.
  • HB 354 by by Rep. Jason Villalba would allow districts to enter into “performance contracts” with teachers (not related to the normal employment contract) under which teachers achieving certain performance criteria would receive salary increases. The measures would include observations, student performance on tests, and student surveys.
  • HB 198 by Rep. Travis Clardy had been previously heard and was brought up again — the bill created a process for teacher pay increases that included new “master,” “accomplished,” and “distinguished” criteria based in part on student performance. A substitute is being considered that would change the concept to instead require a joint legislative study on the issue of teacher compensation.

The salary bills were all left pending. UPDATE: The substitute for HB 198, requiring a legislative study on teacher compensation, was voted out of committee Wednesday.

The committee also considered new legislation by Rep. Ken King, whose bill providing assistance for districts losing money because of the elimination of ASATR (additional state aid for tax reduction) died on the House floor Friday. King filed his revised ASATR assistance bill Monday.