The Senate worked into the night Monday to pass HB 21 (school finance) and HB 30 (funding for the school finance bill), approving its own revised versions of the bills and sending them on to the House. The House can either concur with the Senate changes or request a conference committee.

Neither version of the school finance bill includes a teacher pay raise or bonus (nor does any other legislation currently moving). The Senate's version of HB 21 was amended on the floor to include the TRS-Care funding and the school finance commission proposal that were moving in the House in separate bills. The House is scheduled to consider the TRS-Care legislation Tuesday afternoon.

On school finance, the House and Senate are about $1.5 billion apart, with the House approving more than $1.8 billion in additional funding, most of which comes from an increase in the basic allotment that is distributed to all school through the funding formulas. The Senate did not approve an increase in the basic allotment, and limited its funding to around $350 million designated for specific purposes. Both the House and Senate versions include provisions to help districts harmed by the loss of ASATR (additional state aid for tax reduction) funding, which expires this month.