Wednesday morning, Gov. Greg Abbott, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, and Speaker Dennis Bonnen held a news conference at the Governor's mansion to proclaim their unified determination to address the major issues facing this legislature, primarily school finance (including teacher compensation) and property tax reform. Patrick noted "We must reduce property taxes, teachers deserve more money, and we must reform school finance." The leaders also mentioned other key issues including school safety and retirement benefits.

Bonnen noted that it was not their job to dictate details of legislation, but rather to ensure that they are leading together on the issues. In response to a question from the media, he said that school finance is "the" issue of the session, and that those discussions will necessarily include doing better for teachers. He expressed dismay about the stories of teachers leaving the classroom to go into administration in order to make more money, and wants to incentivize the "best" ones to stay in the classroom.

Abbott has made clear that he supports a model similar to the TEI/ACE program in Dallas ISD, under which teachers are evaluated and paid based in part on student standardized test scores. It is unclear whether Patrick and Bonnen would advocate for a similar test-based merit pay system; Patrick specifically noted that teacher base pay should be elevated.