In a commentary published in the Dallas Morning News, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick talked about his support for a teacher pay raise and expanded on the proposal that has been filed in the Senate (SB 3 by Sen. Jane Nelson).

Throughout his campaign for re-election, Patrick proposed a $10,000 pay raise for teachers. He referrred to Nelson's bill as a "big down payment" on that goal; it provides a $5,000 pass-through increase for all classroom teachers. (It does not include other professionals such as counselors, nurses and librarians.)

He also praised the ACE program in DISD, which provides stipends for "good teachers" to teach in low-performing schools. The ACE program is closely tied to Dallas' Teacher Excellence Initiative, which determines teacher salaries entirely on their evaluations. The teacher evaluations are based in significant part on student performance.

Patrick re-affirmed his support for an increase in base pay in his commentary, noting that it is the first step toward "achieving our goal of improved outcomes for the children in all our public schools."