State Rep. Roland Gutierrez (D-San Antonio) filed HB 1219 Wednesday. Initiated by TCTA, the bill ensures that the state will offer a plan with benefits comparable to those in the plan offered to state employees. (The state employee plan includes a $0 deductible.) The bill also ensures that the combined contributions of the state and school districts will cover the full amount of the employee premium for TRS-ActiveCare. This funding increase will help not only teachers, but all employees who receive health insurance coverage through TRS-ActiveCare or a local school district plan.

TCTA appreciates Rep. Gutierrez for filing this important legislation, which we hope will bring attention to the burden that has fallen on employees over the years in the facing of rising medical costs and health insurance premiums. We encourage our members to take advantage of the current pro-teacher atmosphere at the Capitol and talk to your legislators about the need for help with health insurance costs.