The Capitol was not busy Monday due to Presidents Day; neither the House nor the Senate were in session, and few committee meetings were scheduled.

Tuesday was back to normal, with a large number of organizations — ranging from the FFA, game wardens, occupational therapists and nurses to a number of counties and universities — crowding the Capitol with their lobby days.

The House Public Education Committee heard 12 bills in its first bill hearing, but the meeting went quickly after public testimony was limited to two minutes per witness. TCTA supported the following bills:

  • HB 55, which extends 22:1 class size caps to prekindergarten
  • HB 102, which expands current laws regarding mentoring programs
  • HB 120, which extends current law allowing the exemption of certain LEP students from STAAR testing from the current one year to two years
  • HB 128, which requires districts to provide parents with their child’s fitnessgram assessment results by the last day of the school year
  • HB 165, which provides a process by which a student in a special education program can earn an endorsement