After Tuesday's lengthy hearing on HB 3, the House Public Education Committee held a more typical meeting Wednesday, hearing 15 bills in a 6-hour span. TCTA took the following positions. 


  • HB 340, which requires that students in full-day pre-K and K-3 receive 30 minutes of recess per day, in addition to the physical activity already required.
  • HB 880, which restricts a school board's severance payment to a superintendent to no more than one year's salary.
  • HB 960, which revises current law regarding the professionals who can determine whether a student must be removed from a practice or competition due to a suspected concussion to include a school nurse.
  • HB 961, which provides that if a district or charter school employs a school nurse, the nurse must be on the district/school's concussion oversight team, if requested by the nurse.
  • HB 1276, which provides that in a district with at least 5,000 students, a student in grades 1-6 cannot be assigned for two consecutive years in a foundation curriculum class to a teacher who has less than one year of experience and does not hold the appropriate certificate, unless the parent and a school counselor or administrator agree otherwise.


  • HB 1133, which changes class-size caps to a campus-wide average of 22 students per class in each grade level.

In the House Public Health Committee, TCTA supported HB 906, which establishes the Collaborative Task Force on Public School Mental Health Services; and HB 1070, which revises current law regarding reports on mental health trainers and employees receiving mental health training to include additional factors such as the number of trainers leaving the program, number of active trainers, and disaggregated data by category of personnel.