As previously reported, SB 3, the Senate’s salary proposal, would provide an across-the-board $5,000 pay raise for teachers and librarians. This bill was supported by TCTA, though we continue to work for the inclusion of other categories of personnel either through the bill or using increased funds that would go to most districts with a higher basic allotment. 

HB 3, the House school finance reform proposal, has a number of strong points, including full-day funded prekindergarten for eligible students, and significantly enhanced funding for the public schools. Working with TCTA, the leadership changed language regarding a mandatory merit pay plan to improve the bill, which TCTA also supported. However, the bill does not include the assurance of a pay raise for any category of personnel, under the theory that these decisions are best made at the local level.  

If you are not confident that your local administration and school board would pass a proportionate share of new funding to employee salaries, you may wish to contact your state representative to express that concern prior to Wednesday’s House floor debate on HB 3. The best opportunities to amend the bill are essentially when it is heard on the House floor and when the bill goes to a House/Senate conference committee to work out a mutually acceptable version.