In a change from the normal marathon hearings, the House Public Education Committee concluded its business in only two hours Tuesday morning, perhaps in anticipation of a long floor debate on school finance reform Wednesday (more than 90 amendments were submitted).

TCTA’s Lonnie Hollingsworth testified in support of two TCTA-initiated bills. HB 3323 by Rep. DeWayne Burns would require districts to post their employment policies and associated regulations and forms on their website, making it easier for a teacher to have access to grievance forms and salary policies. 

HB 4487 by Rep. John Frullo would clarify that an informal removal of a student from the classroom (i.e., sending the student to the campus behavior coordinator) does not count as a removal for purposes of state and federal reporting requirements. This is important to teachers because over-reporting of classroom removals can result in teachers being pressured not to refer students out of the classroom.