The Senate Education Committee heard 13 bills, while the House Business & Industry Committee considered an education-related proposal.

Among the bills up in Senate Education were:

  • SB 1453 by Chair Larry Taylor, which would require districts to allow a student to use a phone app instead of a graphing calculator, unless the district makes available a graphic calculator at no cost
  • SB 1776 by Sen. Donna Campbell, which would require school boards to permit and encourage the posting in a classroom or school building of a copy of the founding documents of the US, and require high schools to provide an elective course on the founding principles of the US
  • SB 1777 by Campbell, which would require the US History end-of-course exam to include 10 questions from the US civics test (given to those seeking naturalization).

In Business & Industry, TCTA’s Tiffany Norman testified in support of HB 2501 by Rep. Rhetta Bowers. The bill would require employers to allow their employees to take a limited amount of unpaid leave to attend parent-teacher conferences, school performances, or other activities related to their child’s education.