On Tuesday afternoon, the Senate passed HB 1, the state budget bill. The Senate had substituted its version of the budget during the committee process, and it is anticipated that the House will reject the changes and request the appointment of a conference committee to negotiate the differences between the versions. This is standard operating procedure for the budget (and many other major bills).

The Senate Finance Committee had decided, in a near-last-minute change before voting the bill out of committee, to increase its overall funding level for education spending to match the House's - a total of $9 billion (including property tax relief). The Senate has been more prescriptive than the House, with the Senate's budget specifying that $2.7 billion is intended for property tax relief, and $4 billion is for the $5,000 pay raise for teachers and librarians. The addition of $2.3 billion for school would give districts additional funding, the distribution and use of which would likely be specified in the separate school finance reform bill.