A proposal to help TRS retirees who have returned to work was heard in the House Pensions, Investments and Financial Services Committee, while Senate Education considered a variety of proposals.

HB 2227 by Rep. Gene Wu would address a problem faced by some retirees who have chosen to return to work under the "part-time" provisions of the law. A retiree who has not sat out the required calendar year after retirement can still return to work, but for no more than half-time. In any month in which the retiree exceeds half-time hours, the retiree forfeits that month's pension. The law provides TRS with no discretion in such matters, and there are many stories of retirees who ended up working too many hours inadvertently, or through no fault of their own, and were required to pay TRS thousands of dollars. The bill would give TRS more flexibility in these situations. It would also open up retire/rehire without penalty to anyone who retired prior to Aug. 31, 2018. TCTA supported the bill, which is pending in the House Pensions Committee.

Among the bills considered by the Senate Education Committee were:

  • SB 426 by Sen. Eddie Lucio, which addresses work duties of counselors to ensure that counselors spend a majority of their time on actual counseling rather than being used primarily for administrative duties.
  • SB 2282 by Sen. Royce West, which would allow school-based health centers to provide mental health services.
  • SB 1746 by Sen. Borris Miles, which would add students who have been incarcerated or who have a parent who has been incarcerated to the list of students considered at risk of dropping out.
  • SB 723 by Sen. Donna Campbell, which would require districts to post the superintendent's annual compensation on the district website. (Note: districts already must post the superintendent's contract.)

All bills were left pending.