The property tax bills may come up again next week, and the Senate will take up school finance reform, while the House and Senate will begin negotiations over the state budget.


The House is scheduled to take up HB 2, the property tax reform bill, but it could be delayed again. Whether the Senate also considers its version, SB 2, will depend on whether leadership can garner the 19 votes required to bring the bill up for debate. Also on the Monday calendar in the House are proposals intended to improve mental health services for students and mental health training for school employees, as well as a number of other education-related bills.


The House Public Education Committee will take up 30 bills on topics ranging from prohibiting instruction on a campus on a day it is being used as a polling place, to studying the use of art therapy in public schools.

Senate Education has scheduled a hearing for HB 3, the House's comprehensive school finance reform bill.


House Public Education will meet again with another 33 bills to consider.


As soon as the Senate has appointed its conferees to the HB 1 conference committee, which could happen as early as Monday, that group will begin working on the differences between the House and Senate version of the budget. The process is expected to start next week, but much of the informal decision-making will take place behind closed doors.