Despite a long agenda, the House Public Education Committee moved quickly through its bills this week. As House floor time gets longer, the committees will soon limit their agendas, and the time for hearing a bill in its originating chamber (i.e., hearing a House bill in the House committee) will end soon.

Among the bills heard in Tuesday’s meeting:

  • HB 429 by Rep. Matt Shaheen, which would repeal some of the limitations on charter schools. The Coalition for Public Schools (of which TCTA is a founding member) opposed the bill due to concerns that it essentially creates a virtual voucher.
  • HB 2572 by Rep. Jared Patterson, which would establish a pilot program for schools to use a portfolio method to assess students in 8th grade social studies.
  • HB 2881 by Rep. Diego Bernal, which establishes “resource campuses” as an option for struggling schools. The program resembles the ACE model in Dallas in its efforts to provide experienced and effective teachers at low-performing schools.
  • HB 4480 by Rep. Terry Meza, which would require a study on the use of art therapy in schools.
  • HB 496 by Rep. Barbara Gervin-Hawkins, which would require schools to create a bleeding control station, in part as a response to school shooting tragedies, but also for other injuries that can occur on campuses.