More long committee hearings are in the works, and the Senate is expected to consider its school finance reform bill late next week. Here’s what else we know about the week to come:


The House Public Education Committee has posted yet another long schedule for Tuesday. Thirty-two bills are on the agenda, and topics include fetal development instruction in the health curriculum, special education dispute resolution, state testing costs, fine arts in the foundation curriculum, tying certain teacher contract renewals to student growth, inclusive/accessible playgrounds, and more.

The Senate Education Committee also posted a full agenda for Tuesday. Bills include proposals regarding speech protections for student publications, district policies on caring for students at risk for anaphylaxis, and a TCTA-initiated bill that requires TEA to conduct an audit at least every four years of continuing education and training requirements for teachers and seek to eliminate unnecessary topic-specific training requirements.


The Senate Education Committee has not yet posted a hearing for Thursday, but is expected to hear HB 3, the House’s school finance reform proposal. HB 3 had been on last week’s committee agenda but was withdrawn. Chair Larry Taylor is expected to substitute a new school finance proposal that will include a merit pay component, but it is not yet known whether the bill will also include the $5,000 teacher/librarian pay raise that the Senate has already passed or if that will be kept in a separate bill (SB 3).

The House Pensions, Investments and Financial Services Committee agenda includes a proposal by Rep. Phil Stephenson that would require TRS to purchase $100,000 life insurance policies on members of the system. Members enrolled in the plan would designate a beneficiary to receive $50,000, and the net remaining proceeds upon the member’s passing would benefit the pension fund.

SB 12, the proposal to increase contributions to TRS and provide a supplemental check to retirees, was postponed last week to the House’s Thursday calendar.