Only a handful of education-related bills have passed both chambers to date. This is not unusual, as the House typically scrambles to pass as many House bills as possible before the deadline for consideration of House bills (which was Thursday, May 10). Now the House’s attention will turn to bills that have come over from the Senate, and the Senate will begin to reciprocate by considering more House bills.

The following bills affecting education have already passed both houses:

  • HB 1 by Rep. John Zerwas/Sen. Jane Nelson, the state budget (currently in conference committee negotiations)
  • HB 3 by Rep. Dan Huberty/Sen. Larry Taylor, the school finance/teacher salary bill (beginning conference committee negotiations)
  • HB 114 by Rep. James White/Sen. Brian Birdwell, which addresses information to be provided to high school students regarding the availability of college credit for military service/training (sent to governor)
  • HB 811 by White/Sen. Royce West, which requires that student codes of conduct specify that consideration in disciplinary actions will give consideration to a student’s status as “homeless” (passed House and Senate, not yet sent to governor)
  • HB 1612 by Rep. Jim Murphy/Sen. Joan Huffman, which allows TRS to continue to invest up to 10% of its portfolio in hedge funds (passed House and Senate, not yet sent to governor)
  • HB 2820 by Rep. Dan Flynn/Sen. Bryan Hughes, which eliminates the requirement that 403(b) products offered through school districts be certified by TRS (passed House and Senate, not yet sent to governor)
  • HB 3217 by Rep. Trent Ashby/Sen. Angela Paxton, which restores the ability of teacher certification candidates to major in education (passed House and Senate, not yet sent to governor)
  • HCR 59 by Rep. Ryan Guillen/Sen. Beverly Powell, which designates the second week of November as School Psychologist Appreciation Week for the next 10 years (passed House and Senate, not yet sent to governor)
  • SB 2 by Sen. Paul Bettencourt/Rep. Dustin Burrows, the property tax reform bill (beginning conference committee negotiations)
  • SB 12 by Sen. Joan Huffman/Rep. Greg Bonnen, the bill increasing contributions to TRS and providing a 13th check for retirees (will go to a conference committee; Senate conferees have been appointed)
  • SB 213 by Sen. Kel Seliger/Rep. Dan Huberty, which extends the existence of individual graduation committees, scheduled to expire in 2019, to 2023 (signed by governor)