Below is the official record vote from the House Journal on HB 1133 (see previous story here). A vote against the bill was a vote to keep current class-size protections in place.

HB 1133, as amended, failed to pass to engrossment by (Record 1244): 44 Yeas, 97 Nays, 1 Present, not voting.

Yeas — Anderson; Ashby; Beckley; Bell, C.; Biedermann; Bonnen; Burrows; Cain; Dutton; Frank; Frullo; Goldman; Harless; Harris; Hefner; Holland; Huberty; Kacal; King, K.; King, P.; Klick; Kuempel; Landgraf; Lang; Larson; Middleton; Morrison; Murphy; Murr; Noble; Oliverson; Paddie; Parker; Raney; Raymond; Schaefer; Smithee; Stephenson; Stickland; Swanson; Tinderholt; Toth; White; Zedler.

Nays — Allen; Allison; Anchia; Bailes; Bell, K.; Bernal; Blanco; Bohac; Bowers; Buckley; Bucy; Burns; Button; Calanni; Canales; Capriglione; Clardy; Cole; Coleman; Collier; Cortez; Craddick; Cyrier; Darby; Davis, S.; Dean; Deshotel; Dominguez; Farrar; Fierro; Flynn; Geren; Gervin-Hawkins; González, J.; González, M.; Goodwin; Guerra; Gutierrez; Hernandez; Herrero; Hinojosa; Hunter; Israel; Johnson, E.; Johnson, J.D.; Johnson, J.E.; Lambert; Leach; Leman; Longoria; Lopez; Lozano; Lucio; Martinez; Martinez Fischer; Metcalf; Meyer; Miller; Minjarez; Moody; Morales; Muñoz; Neave; Nevárez; Ortega; Pacheco; Patterson; Paul; Perez; Phelan; Price; Ramos; Reynolds; Rodriguez; Romero; Rose; Rosenthal; Sheffield; Sherman; Shine; Smith; Springer; Stucky; Talarico; Thierry; Thompson, E.; Thompson, S.; Turner, C.; Turner, J.; VanDeaver; Vo; Walle; Wilson; Wray; Wu; Zerwas; Zwiener.

Present, not voting — Mr. Speaker(C).

Absent, Excused — Howard; King, T.; Sanford; Shaheen.

Absent — Davis, Y.; Guillen; Krause; Meza.

When Record No. 1244 was taken, I was shown voting yes. I intended to vote no.    Beckley
When Record No. 1244 was taken, I was in the house but away from my desk. I would have voted no.    Meza
When Record No. 1244 was taken, I was shown voting no. I intended to vote yes.    Wilson